Monday, January 08, 2007

public health warning

WARNING: Any involvement with this man will seriously take over your life!*

Back in September, Kim and Steve lent us 24 series one on DVD. A few sleepless nights and many hours of tense viewing later we were hooked.

October half term couldn't come quick enough and we devoured series 2, knowing that in order to maintain sanity and for any chance of either of us not falling asleep at work we'd have to save the next series for the Christmas break.

Weeks passed, Christmas plays came and went until finally it was time. Gav and Em were the lenders this time. As soon as series 3 hit the DVD tray we were consumed. Every spare 45 minutes became an episode opportunity. This time, most of the nail-biting hours were seen on my laptop in the smallest hours whilst staying at mum and dad's. No longer did we think of getting in from visiting someone and going to sleep - not a night went by without at least one episode.

We finished series 3 on Saturday morning just gone. As keen as we might be to start series 4, we're going to have to ration ourselves once again. February half term might be a possibility but seeing as we're hoping to be somewhere else it might have to wait even longer.

Be warned though. 24 is great but its totally engrossing. Be prepared as soon as you open the box to sleep less, eat less (OK, maybe not that), do less housework, go out less, talk less and, err, do everything else less for as long as it takes to reach the conclusion of whichever series you happen to be watching.

*OK, so I admit I actually mean "watching 24 will seriously take over your life." Not ever having had contact with Kiefer himself, I can't comment on any other sort of involvement. Please don't sue me!


  1. Series 5 did the same to us but you do lose something watching it so condensed a lot of the suspense is answered too quickly and you don't think over clues and subplots enough.

    Series 6 starts this weekend on Sky and we're back to one ep a week for the first time since series 2. I'm actually looking forward to measured doses of Jack and co having had some overdosing recently.

    I don't believe anything I see on the news and all black 4x4s are suspicious vehicles. I constantly want to hack, lockpick, and blag everything although in all honesty I think I'm more Chloe than Jack.

  2. To anyone who is up to date with 24.

    Go to

    Password you need is: 73X55P

    Enter your phone number - it doesn't cost you anything and you can then get the 24 do do di do ringtone from the site too.

    The website is a short "game" leading to the series 6 preview.

    Well worthing following through.

  3. hello Rach,

    some of my English friends say the dialogue is hard to understand -- "the characters mumble", the say.

    is this your experience?

    tenerife sounds good. Fatma and i would like to go to Paris over the Easter holiday. Got any recommendations for clean but inexpensive accomodation ?



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