Monday, January 22, 2007

missing the essentials

Another classic funny kid moment today.

We're looking at birth and naming ceremonies in RE at the moment. Islam today. One of the TAs from Reception came to talk to the whole phase (all of year 1 and 2) about the Aqiqa and other traditions that Muslim families have when new babies arrive.

The children listened and asked questions. One even remembered a relevant fact she'd learnt from Blue Peter. All was going well until C put her hand up and asked...

"But where do they get the baby from?"

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  1. hehe!

    sorry i haven't been around much (at all!) recently. school has been crazy. i'm in a 'struggling' school, and we only just scraped through our ofsted... and it's been pressure pressure pressure since. plus me, who tries to get on with everyone, managed to fall out with the local literacy inspector... good move! looking to move to another county now ;)

    hope all is good with you.




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