Monday, February 05, 2007

me, by the internet...

I am 45% normal, 8% nerdy, a perfect kisser and 81% ready for marriage (what does that say for the 4.5 years we've been married so far!?!)

My 80s theme song is Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield, my 1996 theme song is Ironic by Alanis Morissette, my 2004 theme song is Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson, my 2005 summer anthem is Best Of You by the Foo Fighters and my summer anthem for 2006 is Stars Are Blind by Paris Hilton. My overall theme song is Beautiful Day by U2.

Sometimes I don't get enough sleep. My thinking style is visioning and I am 84% intuitive. My life is 91% perfect but I am only 73% thankful. I am 56% perfectionist (higher than I thought) and also 56% movie buff (the same 56%?). Surprisingly, it only rated me 59% addicted to the internet

Had I been born in the 1950s, my name would have been Loretta Shirley, in Mexico; Doña Crotildaor or in Italy where my name would have been Giorgetta Ferrari. I quite like my Hillbilly name, which is Big Mama Harley so feel free to use that one if you like, although I'm less keen on my elf name; Floppy Fruit Cake. My celebrity baby name is Angel Ireland, my exotic dancer name is Red and my drag queen name is Helena Handbasket. More worryingly, my boobies' names are apparently Mork and Mindy. Apparently, if I were a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, I would be Brownie Batter because I have been known to "lick everything clean". Hmm.

My vocabulary scored B+ and I failed the good driver quiz.

So there you go. Me. By Blogthings.


  1. I think 'Red' suits you! What site did you do this funny quiz?

  2. Yeah I quite like Red too. Not sure about the dancing bit though?

    All those quizzes were from -lots of words in the texts are links to the relevant quizzes.

  3. Big Mama Harley it is then.

    And a perfect kisser too. Lucky man your husband.



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