Saturday, February 10, 2007

up, up and away

We're off to Tenerife tomorrow, visiting Jodie and the Living Room and just generally chilling out.

I spent Friday in Peterborough with Naomi, mostly drinking coffee and exploring the cathedral whilst we waited for the Passport Office to process my emergency 1-day passport application. I hadn't noticed my passport had expired last August so thanks to the nice man at the mortgage advisors for pointing that one out last week. Frustratingly it's added over £100 to the cost of our otherwise cheap holiday but never mind - these things have to be done!

As there'll be no blogging for a week, I'll leave you with the newest addition to my blogroll. The lovely Wendy has entered the world of blogging and has some beautiful poetry for us all to read. I particularly like this one.

While we're gone, look out for Dan's talk on Saul which he's giving at church tomorrow morning, appearing on the Coventry Vineyard website soon.

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