Tuesday, February 27, 2007

once upon a time week

Thanks to World Book Day on Thursday, this week is Once Upon A Time Week at school. We're off timetable and all sorts of book related activities are going on all week.

So far this week, class 6 have....

... received a parcel of 30 new books. Very exciting!

... had a fantastic talk/demonstration from Alex T. Smith, currently known in our class as "Alex The Illustrator"
... thought about our favourite stories

... watched the Red Balloon theatre company
A's wolf puppet
... made puppets and puppet theatres, including scenery (pic is of A's wolf puppet)
... performed our favourite stories for the rest of the class, using our puppet theatres

Still to come this week...

... a visit from Meg Harper, children's author
... book making workshops with a real live book maker (hopefully, the paper and binding kind, rather than the horses and betting kind!)
... making our own bookmarks
... big celebrations for the Cat in the Hat's 50th Birthday (muso geek moment... there's a great arrangement of Happy Birthday on that site!)

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