Monday, October 08, 2007

damien rice, wembley arena, 6th october 2007

What a gig!!

Damien Rice's music is even more emotional and his voice more powerful live than it comes across in his recordings. Great musicians, stunning lighting, funny stories in between.

Vyvienne Long did a great job as support act too, with her quirky cello-based songs. When does her album come out?

It was also really encouraging and inspiring to see him do a bit on the Burma situation. He's been involved with the Burma Campaign for years now, having a song on the For The Lady album and later releasing Unplayed Piano as a tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi.

At the gig, he invited 8 Burmese refugees to join him on stage. One of them told her story before they led us in the Democracy chant that the monks are shouting as they protest in Rangoon. As 12,500 people shouted Do Oye along with them, it was filmed to be shown to people in Burma so that they might know that we are standing with them. 12,500 people on their feet, shouting and crying out for freedom for Burma...


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  1. I heard him playing live and talking on Janice Long's post midnight show on BBC Radio 2 and I think me and every single woman who listened to that show must have fallen in love with him....



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