Thursday, December 20, 2007

one day more

One day more!
So... the end of term is finally come. One more day of school (and for that, read one more day of Christmas worksheets, pritt stick, glitter and Christmas songs!) and then it's the holidays! After tomorrow, I am no longer employed in the afternoons - no more year 1, 2 or reception.

Another day, another destiny
2008 will indeed bring another day and another destiny. Some exciting and surprising changes are afoot but more of that in another post....

This never ending road to Calvary.
Err... not sure how this line relates to my end-of-term post, although I do feel like I'm being led away to be crucified every time I go to school!

These men who seem to know my crime, will surely come a second time.
Unfortunately, its not over yet. In January, I'll be back in my converted-cloakroom mini-classroom, attempting to impart some semblance of literacy and numeracy knowledge and understanding into the minds of a bunch of wild 10-year olds. Thankfully it's a short half term.


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