Friday, March 21, 2008

london transport

Thanks for the suggestions in response to my last post. I was sat on the tube today with my (empty) rucksask on my lap, smiling to myself as I wondered what my fellow passengers would do if I started looking agitated and muttering Islamic extremist phrases. I think that might guarantee me an entire carriage, if not a cell somewhere for the night! Thankfully, I don't knwo any extremist Islamic phrases.

I've decided anyway that the best way to get around London definitely involves 2 wheels. I've not cycled for the past week but I've been missing it so the bike will be back soon. It's free, it's independent and it's good for you (if you don't think for too long about all the pollution you breathe in along the way!)

Thanks also to those of you who sent messages asking why I was crying on the bus. It doesn't matter. Most days are good, some are bad. On the really tired days, the bad days leak out of your eyes sometimes. It's rare, but it happens.

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  1. glad things are mostly good.

    missing teaching yet??! ;)




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