Saturday, January 31, 2009

chennai 09 - day 1

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The team managed to have an adventure even before leaving the ground. Just on the approach road to depatures at terminal 5, Hugos car decided to become terminal and broke down. The AA man (very nice man) told me it had broken down in one of the most dangerous places possible!! The team were packed off to book in not knowing if Hugo would be able to follow them or not as the car could not just be left without causing a major bomb scare. Well lots of frantic phone calls later Hugo did get the flight, the car limped home towed by the AA man, probably a right off and is now looking like a hypocrit on my drive ( it looks the same as always). So all that and still they had not taken off... i did not mention that one of the team was also selected for special security checks so was not allowed to check in ahead of time. He is a big man who needed big leg room... no idea what happened. Well they are still in the air.. I wonder what is happening there? I will let you know if and when I get any information.
God Bless

Greetings from Chennai - we all arrived safely, boredom on the flight being the principle problem post "the breakdown". We've checked into the Blue Daimond, and at 3:30am (it's 5.5 hours ahead of the UK) are preparing to get some shut-eye... Kevin and David met us at the airport with garlands of flowers - beautiful, they're creating a heavenly scent in an otherwise manly room - male job #1 was to undo all the cables and recharge eveything

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