Thursday, February 25, 2010

orison at st peters day 4

The prayers on the bubble tube reveal the depths of what's going
through these young people's minds.

"that when my mum drinks, she won't get aggressive towards me."

"that my grandad will survive his operation"

"that my grandma will finally agree to come and live near us"

"help my two friends who are really struggling"

"can you please help me get some money before Sunday"

"take away her pain please lord"

"why does things like this happen? Make it better"

"how long will it take for me to learn how to listen to your amazing

"please may you tell me why I am unique"

"I wish my mum would listen to me more. I also wish that I could spend
more time with her in the week, not just at weekends"

"help me to forgive as readily as you have forgiven me"

"help me to get over what has happened in my life and help me find out
what is wrong with me"

These are just a small sample of what's written on the hundreds of
post-it notes in here every day. It's an amazing privilege to be able
to offer space for these kids to think through this stuff, in a safe
place where they are reminded that a loving, merciful and powerful God
is listening.

Will you join in our "amen" to these heart cries?

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