Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's the end of a long Sunday.

Paul, Rob, Chris, Hugo and I have spent the day in an exam hall at a high school in Guildford putting up marquees, gazebos and dome tents, hanging fairy lights, filling bubble tubes, taping rolls of paper to the floor... setting up for another prayer space week. We've not been to this school before so a first for us and them.

Looks exciting so far. The zones are more integrated than we've had them before - still 4 clearly defined areas but much closer together and zig zagging around each other. I think it makes the room more exciting, with it's inviting winding spaces to explore.

The first class, a year 7 group, arrive at 9am tomorrow.

If praying is your thing, please pray for:
- the pupils, that they'd get involved, use the resources and take the time to think and consider. Our heart really is simply that they'd meet with God this week in a personal and relevant way.
- the staff, that this would be more than just a visiting exhibition for them, that they'd encounter God through it too. Staff are often moved by the depth of prayers and responses they see coming from their pupils. We're praying that they recognise God at work.
- the team, that we'd be open to be used by God and that we'd know when that means we should step in and when to step back, and also that we'd be pushing (in the right kinds of ways) to see the Holy Spirit at work every day. Oh, and that we'd meet God in there too. It's not just for the kids, right?!

Specifics for tomorrow are:
8.30am - Hugo briefs the team while Rach goes to the staff briefing to talk to the teachers about what's going on
9.05am - year 7 class
10.35am - year 7 class
11.45am - year 8 class
lunchtime - open for year 10 and 11 to drop in
1.45pm - year 9 class
2.55pm - year 7 class

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