Thursday, April 22, 2010

orison at knaresborough st john primary school

This week we're working with a team from the York Schools & Youth Trust, running a prayer space in Knaresborough St John Primary School for 2 days. Today was day 1 and we met 3 classes of year 3/4 pupils and 1 year 5 class before the biggest surprise of the day, when 2 year 6 classes turned up at once!

Thankfully we're in the school hall so there's plenty of space and the pupils were sensible enough to work together well to make sure they got the best out of the resources.


We've got 5 main areas this time - the bubble zone, the sorry/forgiveness zone, a thank you space, a world zone and the brand-new WOW zone.

The pupils have been great and are enjoying getting stuck in, writing prayers for children in Chennai, thinking about forgiveness with the fizzy vitamin tablets, covering the bubble tube in post-it note prayers, enjoying the effects of the UV lights as they write WOWs in highlighter pen or on fluorescent paper and thinking of endless things to say thank you for on the big sheet of paper on the floor.

We'll be back tomorrow to meet the rest of the school, including Reception and years 1 & 2.

WOW prayers have wow factor as they glow under the UV lights

Pupils respond to hearing about the lives of children in Chennai by praying for change

The bubble zone offers opportunities for children to respond to current news and events

"I wish my cat could do back flips" What can we say, except "Amen"?

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  1. Hee hee!!!! I love the cat-flip comments!!! Orison sounds really good!
    BTW, are you going to Rhian's leaving concert thingie on Thursday? She's leaving and she's written a piece for the City orchestra. She's asked some people to go, Kathy and Gareth told me about it!
    Hope you are well!



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