Saturday, May 15, 2010

a new blog

I have a new blog. It's been around for a while but I only just made it public.

It's nothing exciting - simply an online database-style space where I can store/link to things I find online which might be useful one day for planning creative worship, prayer meetings, prayer rooms, school resources, elements for services... anything really.

So far it's quite small but the plan is to keep adding things as they come up (and as I remember) in the hope that at least some of it will be useful to someone someday. It's for those moments when you know you've seen the perfect video for that session you're planning but you just can't remember what it was called or how you found it.

As it says on the blog, these resources aren't mine, nor am I claiming that they are. They are song lyrics, quotes, videos, images etc - all things which are around the internet. The blog simply links to them, categorises them and makes them easier to find.

If it's useful to you, great, enjoy!
(catchy URL eh?!)

New blog templates today, here and on the resources blog, both thanks to the amazingly creative Lena at

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  1. Ahh, it's so preetty! I wish I could change mine, but when I tried last time, I got very confused!
    Hope you are well!!



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