Sunday, May 30, 2010

new prayer resources

I spent some time with the young people at church this morning.

Psalm ConsenquecesWe had a quick game of Psalm Consequences to get us started. If you don't know what that is, there's an example here - it's a way of writing a psalm together, based on the old favourite party game, Consequences. I can't remember where we learnt it and neither can The Shiny Headed Prophet who blogs about it here!

After that, we had a few Orison activities set up in another room, mostly to give the young people some experience of creative prayer. We used the Fizzy Forgiveness and the Hand of God, as well as an intercessory video made by Ben Wilkes.

Back in the room, the young people got into small groups and chose a theme (Wow, thank you, sorry or please) and some objects to work with. Here's what they came up with.

Bin Your Sin
Write down a sin.
Look into the mirror
On the other side, write down what you see inside yourself (anger, jealousy, hate etc)
Scrunch up your slip and throw it in the bin (saying sorry)
Look into the mirror again and write the difference from what you saw before onto a fresh slip.
Light a candle and watch it burn a new light of forgiveness and read the verses around the candles.

Party Popper Forgiveness
Take a party popper and pull the string to release all the bad things you have done.
Take a wipe to clean yourself so you are fully free of sin.
Get a torch to show you the way to God properly.
Put your name down if a TV, DS, phone.... takes you away from God.

Pebble Reflection
Pebble Reflections
Reflect on how amazing God is.
His awesomeness can come all at once and is shockingly amazing but also how God works over time. Think about how God wipes away the dirt and smoothens the rough edges like a pebble in the sea. He polishes us and perfects us. Take a pebble and tell God how amazing he is.

Party Popper Prayers
Party Popper Prayers1. Take a party popper.
2. Think where you need GOD to work in your life or someone else's
3. Write the name of a person or thing on the top of your party popper as you are praying.
4. To send it off to God & put that thing in God's hands, pull the party popper.

Wow Prayers
Please pray while looking at the cross and ask that he would WOW you.
Ask God for something you've been praying for or something that would amaze you. After praying pop a party popper defending on your prayer.

Green=something you've praying for that you want God to answer
Orange=something amazing in your life that you have never experienced
Red=Something that you want done in another persons life

Messages/prayers can be written on the cross!

The Hand of WOW
Our hands are used for many things. To comfort others, to hold precious objects and to write notes on them. Write a note of WOW to God. As you write the note, take a bookmark to remember God never forgets you.

Isaiah 49:16 "See I have written your name on the palm of my hands"



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