Sunday, February 19, 2012


Kerenza tagged me. So it's all her fault.

The rules
... are on Kerenza's blog post. She said I had to post them. But she already had so why duplicate the work?

The facts
... I haven't thought of any and it's nearly midnight. Maybe I'll come back to them later?

Kerenza's questions:
1. Which confectionary or product that is no longer available do you miss and would like to bring back?
Fish 'n' Chip crisps - we only ever had them after swimming!

2. What was your favourite cartoon or kids programme as a child? Tell me what it was about!

So hard to choose! I loved Pigeon St when I was really little, or Muppet Babies.

3. What is your favourite word and why? (sorry, I liked that question!)

I go through real phases with words so it changes all the time.

4. Which place do you really have no desire to go to on holiday and why?

Never really been interested in Australia or NZ. Not sure why, it's just never grabbed my attention so it doesn't seem worth flying for 24 hours to get there!

5. Likewise, where would you MOST like to go and why?

Everywhere I haven't been! I love exploring new places, experiencing new cultures. Having said that, going to places with charity groups really changes the way you see towns and cities. When we visited Morocco as tourists last year I found it quite hard because I didn't feel like I was really seeing what it was like to live there.

6. How many _________ does it change to change a lightbulb. Give me your best q and answer to this joke!

How many sound technicians does it take to change a lightbulb? 1, 2, 1, 2
How many sound technicians does it take to check it works? Testing 1, 2

7. What do other people say is your best personality attitribute? What do you think of this?

I think people say I'm quite laid back and relaxed which is apparently contagious!

8. Who is your favourite author and why?

Argh I hate the "favourite" questions! I can never settle on just one.

9. Kindle, paperback or hardback- choose which and why?
Paperback because I don't have a kindle and don't like reading from a screen and hardbacks are always so expensive and heavy.

10. If you could obtain tickets for any Olympic event this year, which sport would it be and why??

Gymnastics. I've always been fascinated by it. Particularly the rhythmic stuff.

11. If you could play a musical instrument, which would you play and why? (and no choosing one you can already play!)

Well apart from wanting to play all my current instruments better, I'd love to learn cello. Or french horn. Or oboe. And I'd like to buy a viola.

My tags and questions...
... are there even 11 people who read this?

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  1. Sorry! :-(
    Thanks for doing it though! I went AHRGH when I was tagged as well! I should have just ended it there, but then I quite liked the idea of asking some nosy questions which people would have to answer especially regarding 80's nostalgia!!!! It's quite scary the way my name is in red-eeeek! It makes it sound like you're cross with me! :-)
    I also hate favourite questions but then it makes me happy to see that I'm not the only indecisive one!



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