Monday, November 26, 2012

more blogs I wish I'd written

Just over there in my right sidebar is a list of great blog posts. Posts by other people that I wish I'd written. To be honest that's an unrealistic wish - these people are far cleverer and have read considerably more than I have. And they're writing about things I am interested in but don't know much about. I'm under no illusion as to whether or not I could write these two articles. That's not the point of the list anyway. These are articles that relate to things I've been thinking about, or should be thinking about, or have challenged me.

Today I'm adding another two to that list. These are write ups of a talk I heard Dave Westlake give at a Cinnamon Network event recently. They were challenging and thought provoking at the time, so I was pleased to see he's posted them on his blog.

Keeping Christ at the heart of what we do...

If Jesus is our "because" shouldn't we mention him more?

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