Monday, December 15, 2014

baby it's cold inside

We picked up the keys to our house, all eager to get in and start to make it our own.

December was cold.
Really cold.

The house had been empty for a while so the gas had been shut off.
Turned out the pay as you go meters for gas and electricity both had large debts on them.

Quick calls to the suppliers and the accounts were reset and a gas engineer on his way.
Mum bought a cheap kettle and we scrubbed everything in the bathroom and kitchen in a dual attempt to get warm and get the house clean.
I headed to the Scandinavian Cafe for cups of tea.

Bad news though.
The engineer couldn't reconnect our gas because the system had a significant leak.

Back to the flat - our rental had a week overlap from completion date to give us time to get packed and out.
And to call every plumber in Luton.
Mostly they were busy.

Tony came on the day we moved.
(With proper removal people because we're grown ups now and a third floor flat involves a LOT of stairs)
But he couldn't reconnect it that day either.

We moved all our stuff in but spent our first night as homeowners at Mum & Dad's.

Pipes were bought.
The carpet was pulled up.
Floorboards moved.
The heating was reconnected but the gas supply to the kitchen was shut off.

For now...

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