Friday, December 12, 2014

stripes and chandeliers

Having had our offer accepted in August, it took until December to get everything sorted and in place for the house to be officially ours. Here it is, with photos borrowed from the estate agent listing.

The outside. Ours is the one behind the blue car (which isn't ours) with the black arches over the windows and door. Just out of shot, to the right, is a fish and chip shop and to the left is a pub. 

The lounge, looking from the front door to the kitchen. Check out the carpet...
... and again but with a clearer view of the arches and painted brick fireplace
The lounge from the other end. Can you see the purple glass chandeliers?
The kitchen. It's long and narrow and covered in tiles!
Little bathroom at the end of the kitchen. Yes, a downstairs bathroom. Just like we wanted.

Bedroom 1. This is the front of the house so it's wider than downstairs because it goes over the alleyway. Just peeping in at the top of the picture you can see another chandelier. Green this time. Mmmmmm.

The other side of bedroom 1, with it's fitted wardrobes placed resolutely in front of the alcove cupboard. Smart work. Recognise the carpet? 
Bedroom 2, with it's lovely little fireplace. More carpet. 
Bedroom 3, long and narrow like the kitchen below, with more carpet and more of those curtains. Who thought that was a good idea? Stripy carpet, stripy curtains in a different colour and a garish glass chandelier in every room.

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