Saturday, March 14, 2015

skateboarding with my rangemaster

When we moved in, the house was ready to live in - we were specifically looking for a house that was liveable so we could do the work as we could afford it. But there was one thing that didn't work. The cooker. Well, the gas supply to the kitchen actually.

For three months, we became experts at cooking with a slow cooker, a George Forman grill and a halogen oven. We fed 8 people on more than one occasion armed with these gadgets.

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After a bit of ebay hunting, we found ourselves a bargain. A Rangemaster with 4 gas hobs and a wok burner on top of an electric grill and two fan assisted ovens. Not new, but refurbished.

It was delivered one Saturday lunchtime, all wrapped in shrinkwrap.

So I decided to refit the kitchen all by myself while Dan was at work. Step 1: remove cupboard.
Step 2: Remove all the random items lurking behind the cupboard. (This scene is particularly disturbing for anyone who's seen Dexter series 1)

Step 3: Take down wall cupboard. This was harder than I'd hoped as there was a secret screw that took me ages to find.
Step 4: Manouevre oven into place. This involved finding Dan's old skateboard in the loft, putting it in the kitchen which is a step lower than the lounge, and then shuffling the oven off the step and onto the skateboard. We then wheeled together down the length of the kitchen until I discovered we were facing the wrong way and had to perform a three-point-turn with oven on skateboard to get it into place.

Dan wired in the electric bits when he got home from work.
The plumber came the next day to reconnect the gas to the kitchen with a new, non-leaky pipe.
Just in time to serve up roast lamb for Mother's Day.

The old oven made it's way to the street just outside our house where the magic High Town scrap fairies took it away around 7am the following day.

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  1. Ahrgh, the scary doll and rubbish massacre behind the oven!!!! Scary stuff! Well done on installing that! That's great you have a special wok ring, I've always associated you with woks (you introduced me to the magic of Thai Green curry!)
    So you live in Luton now?x



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