Monday, August 24, 2015

fishy business

In our local pub, there's a photograph framed by the bar. It shows a local fish shop which was next door to the pub on High Town Road for around 65 years until sometime during the 1950s.

from Were You Also Being Served?
by R Norman
I've been searching for the image ever since.

Because in it's later life, this fish shop was Warwick's Fish Restaurant.

I had no idea that the family I married into had local roots. We don't know if there's any connection but it turns out that the owner of Warwick's Fish Restaurant was a Mr Frederick George Warwick and Frederick is definitely a Warwick family name.

This particular Fred lived in Luton and bought the fish restaurant on High Town Road in 1920. He had three fish shops in Luton, on High Town Road, Park St and Chapel St, as well as some in Watford, Harpenden, Fleetville, Dunstable and St Albans where he served as mayor in 1933.

There's three pages about the Warwicks and their fish business in Were You Also Being Served? - the second of two great local history books by Bob Norman. My dad found them when looking for information about the owners of our house.

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