Wednesday, August 26, 2015

getting stuck in

This summer we've started our first big house project. Operation bathroom.

Here it is in all it's estate agent photographic glory. It's a shame they didn't photograph the ceiling. It was a "delightful" pine-panelled sauna-style offering. They did well with the lighting here. The suite is a tasteful peach colour.
It wasn't ever really our plan to do the bathroom first, largely because we don't really have a plan. Unless you can call a cloud of random ideas of what we'd like to do with this place a plan? No?

But the tiles started to come away from the wall.
The lino was showing signs of mould.
The pipes revealed that they'd been fitted with an uphill journey out of the bathroom, so the bath and sink both struggled to drain. You can sort of see that in the photo above if you look at the lower pipe to the right of the bath.

It wasn't our decision any more. The bathroom had spoken.

We're pretty clueless about house renovations so obviously we decided the best way forward would be to do the job ourselves. How hard can it be?

So Dan started to take the tiles off the wall. It's wet under there. Really wet.
Progress was pretty quick at the start. Turns out demolition is fairly speedy and quite fun.

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  1. Delightful!!! I look forward to seeing its next regeneration!x



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