Wednesday, June 14, 2006

chuck a pair of earplugs in my coffin

If you played all the worship tracks in our iTunes collection one after the other, you'd be listening for over 2 days non-stop.

Thing is, I've been realising more and more lately that actually, I can't stand it!

Before you're all queuing up at my door to exorcise my demons, let me just clarify that I do like sung worship and think that worship music is invaluable in bringing people closer to God and helping us to express worship to him.

I just can't listen to it "leisurely"
The first couple of tracks isn't too bad. It just becomes background music relatively quickly and I can get on with whatever I was doing as it plays. But after a while it really grates on my nerves. I find it frustrating, irritating, annoying...


Are our 2 days-worth of worship music a small glimpse of the sounds of eternity in heaven? Am I going to have to get over this before I die? What if I die first? Am I destined to spend eternity in heaven with my fingers in my ears?


  1. you and me both, sweetie - I don't think I own a single worship album (not including freebie copies of ones that I'm on!) - it just doesn't work for me as 'art' at all...

    But that's fine, cos I find a greater sense of connection with God in songs of the journey rather than songs of smugness anyway. :)

  2. cos its heaven the ear plugs will of course be perfect, so don't worry!


  3. I get kinda bored of them as music but I like singing along. I can't wait to pass my test so I can toodle about the country singing along and drumming on my steering wheel.

    Or when I finally learn how to play the guitar and I can strum along with something. Incidentally, anyone know where I can find a beginner's guide to guitar playing - a tried tested and it rocks one- online?


  4. Ditto, Steve. Great fun to play (there's something nice about getting back to 3 chords... sometimes) but you'll not find any "worship music" in my playlists.

    I think that "worship songs" are there as a vehicle for people to express themselves in community in the only real form that makes that both possible and beautiful (i.e. music)... therefore i see "worship albums" as tools for that to happen, not as music for consumption like any other.

    Whatever steers the heart to worship... for me, that is more likely to be John Coltrane than Matt Redman :)

    Looking forward to typing "tutbbc" as my word verification :)

  5. I know wat u mean hunny - I am listening to a worship CD now and ...I am singing at the top of my voice. :-)

    If you find a good starter thingy for guitar let me know - the furthest i've got to learning is looking at BabyMothers. ;-)

  6. Hi, I wondered if someone from the grapevine could give me a call. I was given this blog by Jesse. Basically I am looking to be part of a fellowship, and it just maybe better to have a chat on the phone, or meet up, although I am car-less at the moment

    Thanks....Mark (aka jAZZbASS) 0781 023 6852

  7. "Are our 2 days-worth of worship music a small glimpse of the sounds of eternity in heaven?"

    No - heaven will be full of solo bass players :D

    Anyway, I really hope the music will be better in heaven. Like Hildegard or something. With MCs.

  8. Gah, I certainly hope that the tiny things we've achieved here musically aren't the beall and endall of what will be available in heaven...!!

    Who knows - maybe there we'll be able to sing four-part harmonies at once - why should our vocal chords be restricted to one that would be cool...

    But yeah - I tend to steer clear of worship music. It makes me wrinkle my lip (not very attractive) and yawn. Tend to pity people (with no small amount of misplaced superiority :oS) who ONLY have worship music in their collections. Feel they're missing out on a lot of true creativity - which can be worship in itself.



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