Thursday, June 15, 2006

and now the end is near

I've not blogged about it at all this time round and, in the absence of Kate's weekly commentary we enjoyed last season, I thought it was about time I threw in a few words about Desperate Housewives Season 2.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was excited at the return of Desperate Housewives to our screens in January. The long-awaited second series picked up exactly where the first series left off, tying up all the loose ends and cliff hangers we'd been pondering for the second half of 2005.

In my opinion, what really "made" the first series was the mystery and intrigue which kept spinning out throughout the series. What was Mike really up to? What was in that chest? Why did Mary-alice blow her own brains out? With that all neatly tied up, the second series has been a lot more predictable and soap-opera-like than the first. The new family who were blatantly added at the end of the 1st series to bring something new to the 2nd soon revealed their "dark secret" (not so well hidden, I think we'd all worked it out) and the continuing storylines with the established characters didn't take much working out either.

Even so, I've been hooked. I've not missed an episode yet. What will I do with my Wednesday evenings after the Season Finale next week?

There have been some brilliant acting moments this season as well. Most notably:

Eva Longoria as Gaby and the whole baby storyline*, firstly dealing with her grief on miscarrying the pregnancy she hadn't realised she wanted until she lost it and then even more poignantly, the scene in which social services take the baby she is trying to adopt back to the birth mother.

Felicity Huffman as Lynette on discovering Tom's apparent affair last week.

(* - that is, the whole storyline about the baby, not the storyline about the whole baby as opposed to the half baby)


  1. Really impressed with Eva Longeria's emotional moments too. Not just a pretty face. And legs. And butt....etc.etc.

  2. Mm, me too!

    I actually cried three weeks in a row...

    There was:

    * Bree (Brie? No, Bree....I think...) leaving Andrew on the road - her worn-out reaction to it all was so beautifully done.
    * Gaby having the baby taken away.
    * can't remember....I think maybe Lynnette seeing Tom go up the stairs with that woman.

    Gotta admit - as soap-like and predictable as this series has been, there have still been some surprises - like Tom having another child.



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