Friday, April 04, 2008

the status of 2008, part 1 of 4

I was looking at my status updates on Facebook recently and realised 2 things:
1. That I type a lot of drivel
2. That the list of status updates is, in some way, a record of what I've been up to.

So I've decided to blog them. Now that we're in April, and 25% of the way through 2008 it seemed a good time to share the first set. I wonder what it'll look like by December?! There are some in this list that even I can't remember what they were referring to!

April 3
5:11pm Rachel will spend tomorrow printing and cutting things for the APCM.

March 27
4:36pm Rachel thinks that a country that serves "Tiwna a Ciwcymber" sandwiches does not have its own language, merely a phonetic spelling disorder.
10:51am Rachel is an innocent thickie.

March 26
3:31pm Rachel found her phone and has spent the last hour lying on a bed in her 4* hotel room.
11:28am Rachel is going to check the prayer rooms are set to go and then she WILL find her phone.
12:52am Rachel is pleased with the 4 prayer rooms but wishes she knew where her phone is.

March 25
7:40pm Rachel has got spray glue up her nose.

March 23
9:56am Rachel declares that Llandudno is the new Skegness.

March 22
5:39pm Rachel wonders whether or not her 75m of corrugated card will fit in the car?
12:37pm Rachel has unlocked but they have not arrived.

March 21
6:26pm Rachel enjoyed blackberry wine last night and the Good Friday service this morning.

March 20
7:32pm Rachel is trying not to turn her head too far or too fast.

March 19
9:22pm Rachel is writing postcards.
12:14am Rachel has bought 75m of corrugated card, 6 rolls of tape and 2000 salt sachets. Tomorrow's shopping list includes a gazebo, post it notes and spray glue.

March 18
10:51pm Rachel has lots to do and is chain-eating Cadbury's Fudge.
10:09pm Rachel has lots to do.

March 17
5:35pm Rachel thinks Monday morning should be part of every weekend.

March 15
9:09pm Rachel has done many things in the last 24hrs - hung out with Chelle, Kim & Abi in Cov, a wedding in London, shopping and cooking a chilli mountain!

March 14
2:38pm Rachel wonders why her chocolate biscuit tasted of fish.
2:11pm Rachel IS going to Coventry this evening. Wooooooooohoo.
9:57am Rachel might go to Coventry this evening and THAT is exciting.

March 13
7:33pm Rachel is stepping up.
12:44am Rachel had quite a good Wednesday, as Wednesdays go!

March 12
4:30pm Rachel ate a sausage roll without any sausage in it today.

March 4
12:03am Rachel just watched 4 episodes of Gavin&Stacey back to back on iplayer & still can't work out why she likes it so much.

March 3
10:23pm Rachel has had a lovely evening bouncing and talking with Liz.
4:29pm Rachel just fell off a pile of boxes and would have hit her hed hard on the floor had she not had her arm up above her head before she fell. Funny what saves your life.
9:28am Rachel doesn't miss teaching one little bit.

March 2
6:15pm Rachel should probably be cleaning and tidying.

March 1
10:42am Rachel looks forward to seeing you all at the house warming this evening...
10:27am Rachel walked to work this morning.

February 29
7:14pm Rachel has waded through 57 minutes of being on hold, 3 transfers and 4 different agents to persuade BT to cancel her phone line at her old property.
6:54pm Rachel has been on hold with BT for 15 minutes, in addition to the 24 minutes she held for last night.
10:10am Rachel has finished rearranging the office and is going to work in it for a few days to see if it is going to be OK this way.

February 28
9:35pm Rachel 's amazing husband found a South African shop in London yesterday and came home with BarOne bars and Tempo bars!!!!
3:24pm Rachel is glad of the peace and quiet in contrast to the chaos that was Wednesday.
9:30am Rachel's brush with public transport this morning has reminded her why she cycles to and from work.

February 27
8:05pm Rachel left her bike at work and came home on public transport.
5:29pm Rachel is very tired and is fighting the temptation to leave her bike at work and bus or tube home.
4:24pm Rachel has had a busy day so far.
9:49am Rachel is determined to be the only one not to comment on the earthquake in her status this morning.

February 24
5:18pm Rachel is loving being back in Clerkenwell.

February 23
2:35pm Rachel got up at 11am, having stayed in bed long enough to read a whole book. She is avoiding the curtains & listening to The Imagined Village.
2:15pm Rachel got up at 11am, having stayed in bed long enough to read a whole book. She is avoiding the curtains.
11:04am Rachel is just beginning to think about getting up, having stayed in bed long enough to read a whole book this morning.

February 22
12:42pm Rachel knows.

February 21
4:50pm Rachel is changing the world, one light bulb at a time.
9:29am Rachel is on a light bulb mission today.

February 20
9:04pm Rachel is tidying the spare room while Arsenal play AC Milan in her back garden.
9:27am Rachel cycled a different way to work and is amazed at the difference the Congestion Charge has made to the morning rush hour traffic through Angel.
8:33am Rachel made it home yesterday and is about to cycle to work again.

February 19
3:58pm Rachel cycled 2.6 miles today - first time she's been on a bike for about 8 years! She's beginning to wonder whether she will make it home?
9:35am Rachel cycled 2.6 miles today - first time she's been on a bike for about 8 years!

February 18
9:13pm Rachel now has to choose between the futon and the gas fire.
7:21am Rachel starts today.

February 15
11:36am Rachel has left the building.

February 14
9:42am Rachel doesn't feel like she really has moved to London yet & is fully expecting to be back in Coventry at school after half term.

February 12
7:50am Rachel cannot live in her new flat until the gas leak is fixed.

February 10
1:53pm Rachel is surrounded by boxes.

February 9
3:44pm Rachel is impressed by her Dad's birthday present detective skills (even if they were accidental!).

February 8
5:48pm Rachel is not employed as a teacher any more!!
12:06am Rachel will not miss those CD drawers one tiny bit. She almost feels the same about her teaching career, which ends today!

February 7
9:55pm Rachel will not miss those CD drawers one tiny bit. She almost feels the same about her teaching career, which ends tomorrow!
9:23pm Rachel will not miss those CD drawers one tiny bit.
7:25pm Rachel has managed to escape the encroaching pile of CD cases.
12:30pm Rachel is jumping in the garden where the trampoline used to be.
12:23am Rachel has ebayed and freecycled to her hearts content and now has less stuff, a bit more money, lots of things to post and a content heart... err... maybe?!

February 5
12:06pm Rachel is quite enjoying the rumour amongst her pupils that she is leaving to become a priest!

February 4
11:36pm Rachel has 4 more numeracy lessons and 4 more literacy lessons to teach.
7:47am Rachel is waiting for her ipod to sync before she embarks on her last week of teaching!

February 3
9:00pm Rachel is about to embark on her last week of teaching!

February 2
6:23pm Rachel is looking forward to seeing you all at her and Dan's leaving drinks this evening...
6:22pm Rachel is looking forward to seeing you all at her leaving drinks this evening...
12:31pm Rachel finds James Blunt's speaking voice more annoying than anything she has heard in a while.
11:15am Rachel is moving things around to make it look like she is packing/tidying.

February 1
4:48pm Rachel is watching the snow and wishing that she had put the cover back on the trampoline.
3:57pm Rachel thinks that the publicity machine does not work.

January 31
8:35pm Rachel is excavating the loft.

January 30
8:45pm Rachel 's husband has bought her some gorgeous tulips.
8:25am Rachel has to stay at school for WAY too long today.

January 29
1:45pm Rachel is slightly concerned that her toaster now chirps like a bird rather than bleating like a sheep.
1:26pm Rachel might have cheese on toast for lunch.
12:14am Rachel is trying to work out how to get the Bible software onto her new phone.

January 28
8:45pm Rachel has been too distracted and has forgotten to put the cake in the oven.
6:04pm Rachel will mostly be baking, painting and packing this evening.

January 27
12:06am Rachel has seen Sweeney Todd and thinks it is bloody good. VERY bloody.

January 26
5:50pm Rachel is going to see Sweeney Todd with Dan, Cathy, Kim and Steve.
11:16am Rachel is looking forward to chilling out with Cathy this weekend.

January 25
11:50pm Rachel could sleep for a week.
7:41pm Rachel has filled 4 boxes with books and is going out for dinner.
7:12pm Rachel is is 94% sanguine and 6% choleric.
3:44pm Rachel is relieved not to have been scammed in the Amazon marketplace.

January 24
7:38pm Rachel has found 5 jars of pickle in her kitchen. Do they breed if you don't eat them or something?
5:08pm Rachel has admitted that Facebook is not condusive to productivity.
4:18pm Rachel is determined to have another productive evening. Last night she packed one box, ate some toast and sent one message.

January 23
7:58pm Rachel is determined to have a productive evening. So far she has packed one box, eaten some toast and sent one message.
3:43pm Rachel is determined to have a productive evening.

January 22
7:00pm Rachel is delighted.
12:52pm Rachel has enjoyed covering a year 4 top maths set this morning - a welcome change from bottom year 5!
7:39am Rachel doesn't have to teach her literacy or numeracy classes today as some of them are on a trip. Yes, Jesus loves me!
12:03am Rachel realises that she has missed "time to go to bed" again but should probably go anyway - better late than never!

January 21
9:16pm Rachel is drinking cinnamon, cardamom and ginger spiced tea. Mmmmm.
6:14pm Rachel is having roast chicken (thanks V&R!) for dinner tonight with Dan and Jude. Bring it on!
7:36am Rachel is excited about her new house (but less excited about it being Monday again and having to go to school).
12:12am Rachel is excited about her new house.

January 20
12:36pm Rachel and Dan have found a lovely place to live in Holloway.

January 19
3:36pm Rachel thinks that property prices in London are RIDICULOUS.
1:02pm Rachel 's head is swimming with flats to rent.

January 18
5:59pm Rachel thinks that you should become a fan of Amino...
3:52pm Rachel apologises for the cancellation of tonight's Body Shop Party.
12:37pm Rachel is being a supply teacher for the first time this afternoon.

January 17
10:16pm Rachel will be house hunting in London on Saturday. Any suggestions as to what might be the best weapon?
8:17am Rachel is shifting camping equipment today.

January 16
10:59am Rachel does not like the way that teaching makes her hate children. It is definitely time to leave.
8:04am Rachel will be teaching violin this afternoon.

January 14
10:26pm Rachel has packed one box, tidied one cupboard and got rid of one piece of furniture. This could take a while.
8:10pm Rachel can be found in the mysterious land of Spare Oom, under a load of stuff.
4:51pm Rachel is house hunting.
12:49am Rachel cannot taste the difference between original Baileys and mint Baileys.

January 12
5:54pm Rachel hates marking literacy books.

January 11
1:18pm Rachel got her car stuck on the muddy grass at school today and had to get 2 men, a carpet and a bag of sand to help her out. Her new boots are very muddy :o(.

January 10
7:25am Rachel is still counting the days.

January 9
8:28pm Rachel should really stop playing Brain Bones and get on with something useful.
5:41pm Rachel is looking forward to finding all those churches on her big Durban map.
1:36pm Rachel has written the letter and is now eating boiled eggs with marmite on toast.
12:56pm Rachel has written the letter.

January 8
10:48pm Rachel has watched 12 episodes of Prison Break 1.

January 7
4:46pm Rachel is wondering who will be on the SITC Durban 08 Prayer Team.
11:41am Rachel is already counting the days. 1 down, 24 to go.

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