Sunday, April 13, 2008

rach's bbc predictions

I'm slightly ashamed to admit it (only slightly, mind!) but I've really got into reality TV again lately.

So here are my predictions...

I'd Do Anything
My prediction for Nancy is Jodie. She's not necessarily my favourite contender - I'm not so keen on the way everything feels like a pantomime with her. Even so, I do think she's going to win. The panel blatantly loved her from the start, she can barely put a foot wrong. Looks like she's got the balls to pull it off!

As for the Olivers, I think Harry is my choice. He's great on stage, has a great voice and a great face. He's not through to the semi finals yet though so I might be wrong. Gotta get behind Gwion too though, just because an Oliver with such a strong Welsh accent would be fab!

The Apprentice
As for the Apprentice, I think this time round it's Simon. We were quite shocked to see him in the boardroom this week (yes, Dan loves it too) but it was clear that Sir A had no intention of getting rid of him. He's got to show his leadership abilities but I think he can do it.

We shall see....


  1. I really agree with you about The Apprentice.

    Simon is the best contestant they have ever had on there - and everyone at Chez Grumpy is rooting for him.

    Even Sralan agreed that he shouldn't have been there last week.

  2. me too.. I like that he's not aposh boy!!



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