Wednesday, April 23, 2008

this doesn't happen often...

.... so i'll write it bold so you can all read it nice and clearly:


There. I said it. In writing.

I predicted that Simon would win the Apprentice this year and just 3 days later he got fired.

Shame really - I thought he was a contender. I have to admit though, having watched the episode, I do think Sir Alan made the right decision. He did do spectacularly badly at managing his team for that photo task, albeit partly because certain members of his team refused to be managed.

I'm totally stumped now. Really couldn't say who's going to win it.

I've got to wonder though - does Lucinda really think Sir Alan is going to offer her a job when she has said so blatantly that she doesn't know how to work a computer? (and then proceeded to demonstrate the truth in the statement!)

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