Sunday, May 04, 2008

rach in durban - day 5

Hi everyone

Durban welcomed us in true British style with grey clouds, strong winds and heavy rain. Apparently the weather is good here this time of year?! Today has turned though and its really hot now.

After a quiet start, work is beginning to pick up. I've spent lots of time with Ben, Dave, Sue and Jane discussing SITCD plans and the priorities for the next few weeks. We've been praying too and its been great to get some perspective on it all as we bring it before God.

This morning, Jane and I went to the Church of the Good Shepherd in Durban North. It was good to be back (Dan and I went a couple of times last year). COGS is quite Western and very friendly - an easy church choice for our first visit! I had a good chat with Garth, one of the worship leaders there who is interested in doing some worship leading for the prayer walk later this year. He's quite well connected so might be able to bring some other worship leaders from across Durban into the mix.

Coming up so far I have a meeting with Jean, Durban's queen of prayer walking, and some appointments which the SITCD team have with various churches here that I'll tag along for. Once I've seen Jean I'll put some more meetings of my own in the diary too.

Something good:
A good weekend with Dave, Sue, Ben and Jane, chilling out, eating good food (snails and ostrich yesterday!), drinking Ben's wine so he doesn't have to ship it back and talking and praying about work.

Something we're working on:
Lots of meetings to set up and fit in over the next couple of weeks.

Something to pray for:
I'm spending Monday afternoon with Jean to plan the prayer walk route. Pray that she and I will communicate with each other well so we'll use the time well and get a good route sorted out.

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