Tuesday, May 06, 2008

rach in durban - day 6

Hi team!

Thanks for being there - its great to know there are so many people back home keeping up with what's going on here and praying for us.

I met with Jean Viljoen yesterday. Jean is an amazing woman who has been prayer walking Durban for many many years. We spent some time together starting to plan the four prayer walk routes and are meeting again on Friday to drive some of the proposed roads we will walk.

This morning Jane and I met with another lovely couple who have very kindly offered to accommodate the prayer team. Rob is vicar of St Thomas in Durban. He and his wife recently moved back into the city, having been at a church much further north for a few years. Subject to approval from the church board, we'll be staying there this summer.


Something good (aka something to thank God for!):
Rob and Sue Taylor and their very generous offer of accommodation!

Something we are working on:
The prayer routes - we are almost there but have a few areas to work out. Once that's done I need to connect with some churches along the way and get the meeting points in place. Jean is a very busy lady and her time is very much in demand so we are really very privileged to have ger help and support.

Something to pray for:
Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a busy day for Ben, Dave and Sue with some heavy meetings to get through. Pray that they'll be well received and will have grace, wisdom and humility.

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