Saturday, July 24, 2010

The 7 Link Challenge

The Church Mouse has just posted his response to the 7 Link Challenge

His blog is far better than mine, with more depth and a hugely wider readership but I thought I'd do it anyway, if nothing else, as an excuse to look over my blog archive...


* Your first post
My first post? It was short and really quite pointless. Still, you've got to start somewhere...

* A post you enjoyed writing the most
That'd have to be "Someone I'd Like You To Meet" written just after my Grandad died. It was sad because he died, but I really enjoyed thinking through who he was and why I admired him. An amazing man.

* A post which had a great discussion
"Discussion" isn't something which happens often on my blog. People comment occasionally, but to call it discussion would be a bit of a stretch. My most commented blog is this one in which I asked people to name my new puppet.

* A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written
There are many of these. I wish I'd kept a record of more of them - in fact this meme has inspired me to start that, hence the link list in the sidebar. Here's one...
Just Keep It To Yourself, by Nick Baines

* Your most helpful post
That'd have to be either of my two advisory posts:
How Not To Arrive At An Interview
101 Ways To Guarantee A Good Seat On A Train

* A post with a title that you are proud of
Not thought much about this one. This is probably my most intriguing title... the rest are either ridiculously practical, or silly puns.

* A post that you wish more people had read
That'd have to be "Don't Buy Me A Birthday Present" because if more people had read it, more people might have acted on it and we could have made even more of a difference. There's always next year...

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